What Are the Different Types of Air Conditioning Filters for Your Home?

Your air conditioner is likely one of the main appliances that you use during the warmer months of the year as you attempt to keep your home cool and comfortable. The air filter that is used in the air conditioner is an important part that boosts the efficiency of the system and prevents the parts from working harder than necessary. When you’re maintaining the AC throughout the year, there are a few different air filters to consider using.

HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are effective in trapping harmful contaminants and particles that circulate throughout the air to ensure you can breathe easily and avoid respiratory issues. Studies show they trap up to 99.97% of airborne particles that are as small as 0.3 microns. Depending on the model of your air conditioner, a technician may need to make modifications to install this type of filter.

Pleated Media Filter

Pleated media filters are disposable and have a MERV rating that ranges from five to 13. The filter is consistent with how well it works because of its large surface area.

Reusable Air Filters

When you want to invest in an air filter that lasts longer, reusable air filters are an excellent option because they can be cleaned when they get dirty for continued use over time. You don’t have to worry about throwing it out after a few months, which offers added savings throughout the year.

Flat-Paneled Fiberglass Filters

If you’re looking for a disposable filter that is easy to install, you can purchase a flat-paneled fiberglass filter. The product is constructed with a layer of fiberglass and comes with a metal frame to keep it in place. The low MERV rating prevents it from having as much of an effect on the air quality in your home.

When you work with an AC technician, you can determine which air filter is the best option for your needs as you maintain your appliance. Your budget and the amount of air purification you want in the home are the main factors that can make it easier to narrow down your top choices.

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