Chimney Cleaning Highland Park

Chimney Cleaning Highland Park

Routine inspection and cleaning of your chimney and fireplace is recommended annually to ensure that it is free of potential problems and ready for use. At HPS Air Duct Chimney Sweep, we provide affordable, comprehensive Level 1 visual chimney inspections with every cleaning. As a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and Fireplace Inspection Research and Education (FIRE) certified chimney sweep, you can trust that our chimney cleaning and inspection service meets the highest of standards for safety and fire prevention.

Chimney cleaning is crucial to the safety of your home. Over time, deposits of unburned smoke residue called creosote will build up in your chimney, creating fire hazards and strong odors in the home. These deposits can only be removed by a professional cleaning. Our detailed cleaning services include a meticulous brushing of the chimney interior that will remove any blockage or soot that may restrict airflow, including creosote.

Once the cleaning is complete, our technicians will perform an extensive visual inspection of your entire chimney. They will look for cracks, design flaws, smoke staining, and improper strapping in every accessible part of your chimney. They’ll ensure that your flashing, which prevents structural damage caused by both water and wildlife, is in good condition; and also check for any exterior movement, cracks, or design flaws in the firebox to ensure that no heat or smoke can escape to the rest of your house, causing potential for in-home fires.

For every inspection and cleaning visit, our uniformed technicians will arrive on time in a fully equipped truck with all the tools they need to clean your chimney; protect your property; and keep all dust, soot, and other particles contained. Within an hour, you’ll extend the life of your chimney and be ready to safely enjoy the comfort and beauty of your thoroughly cleaned and inspected fireplace. Call HPS Air Duct today to set up your annual cleaning and inspection.

HPS Air Duct strives to bring the highest level of professional and technical expertise to our service area as well as educate our customers. We provide a detailed explanation about the decisions you face regarding your chimney and guide you through the options available. After you are completely informed, we work with you to choose the safest and most efficient solution at the most economical price.

Call HPS Air Duct prior to the winter rush to get us when we are not inundated with work. Spring and summer work is off peak and you will have no problems getting someone to do the work quickly. Of course, we are available all year to service your needs, please call today! Nothing is more important to us than the safety of each one of our customers.

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