Chimney Cleaning Garland

Chimney Cleaning Garland

We, at HPS Air Duct, are here to help you lead healthier and safer lives by ensuring that no toxic smoke and smog are leaking into your household. Working with chimneys is a massive undertaking and requires tedious attention to detail with comprehensive experience in deciding what works and what does not when it comes to superior results.

Experienced and Superior Cleaning Offerings

Amongst the array of benefits that come with ensuring timely cleaning and maintenance of your chimney are certain significant health benefits that keep you and your entire family protected from carbon monoxide poisoning. A clean chimney can also make inspections easier and timely upkeep simpler for your family. A proper maintenance regime ensures that there is no risk of chimney fires that can be caused by a clogged or poorly maintained chimney. Another prominent benefit would be ensuring there is no excessive smoke pileup during usage.

Tried and Tested Cleaning

Over the years our team has gained valuable experience in dealing with the most demanding cleaning requirements with careful attention to detail. We have always been focused on being very result oriented and strive for absolute excellence with each and every project at hand. We use the best of modern technology paired with years of industry insights to give you results that are otherwise unmatched.

Chimney Cap Repair

Chimney caps improve home safety, prevent disruptive occurrences, and help you to avoid costly repairs after damage caused by birds, nesting material, other animals, and natural elements. If your chimney cap has cracked or broken off, the best thing to do is to have it repaired as quickly as possible to keep critters and other disturbances at bay.

Chimney Waterproofing

Your chimney is constantly exposed to outdoor elements, which makes proper waterproofing essential to keeping it protected. If left without a protective layer, water can penetrate, and eventually after enough freeze and thaw cycles, the bricks will begin to spall (when the faces of the bricks pop out) or the mortar joints will deteriorate leading to hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs. When you contact HPS Air Duct for chimney waterproofing services, we will apply a material to the chimney as a preventative means to either protect it or to prevent further damage from occurring.

Damper Repair/Installation

A damper is a door that you close when not using the fireplace. About 50% of the dampers we inspect are either missing or installed improperly, causing them to be very leaky and in need of replacement. The longer you go without calling us for damper repair services, the more money you lose in heating and cooling expenses, as all that paid air goes right up the chimney.

Chimney Re-Lining

The lining in your chimney protects your home and family from combustion byproducts. If damage occurs due to settling, light night, or a chimney fire, contact Chimney Crickey as soon as possible. Chimney relining is the most practical and affordable way to repair deteriorated or damaged chimneys and keep your home protected. Older chimneys may be unlined, or their liners may be deteriorated to the point where relining is warranted. If you’re purchasing an older home, always have a chimney inspection conducted.

Crown Repairs

Saving a chimney from deterioration and leaking can be as simple as hiring a chimney repair service to fix or replace the chimney crown. Protecting the bricks, mortar, joints and fireplace, the crown maintains the life and integrity of the chimney.

Masonry Repairs

Missing mortar, cracks, or holes inside the chimney can cause heated air to blow against wooden surfaces and ignite a fire in the walls or attic. When interior damages are found on video or through smoke tests, we can repack the missing mortar between the flue tiles or reparge interior plaster, and repair cracks and holes up inside the chimney. Our specially-developed tools and techniques allow us to fix areas that are normally out of reach and help you avoid very expensive and unnecessary rebuilding.

Firebox Rebuilds/Repairs

The firebox is the area inside of your fireplace where the fire burns. The bricks and masonry used in this area must protect against extremely high temperatures and be vulnerable to deterioration over time. Our chimney sweep service specializes in rebuilding fireboxes and installing fireplace inserts.

Crack Repairs

Mortar joints between stone or bricks are likely to flake, wash out, or crack after 25 or 30 years of exposure, and we serve in repairing the chimney’s exterior or interior walls when they crack.

Chimney Sweeping

The best protection against the need for premature chimney repairs is to have it routinely cleaned by a professional chimney sweep company. Chimney sweep services include maintenance of wood-burning fireplace and appliance venting systems to include venting for many types of heating appliances. A brush, along with vacuums, cameras and special chimney cleaning tools are used to clean the flue system, firebox, smoke chamber and areas surrounding firebox during the chimney sweeping process.

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